Sale! Digital Instant Read Meat, Food, Candy, Waterproof Thermometer
Digital Instant Read Meat, Food, Candy, Waterproof Thermometer
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WATERPROOF cooking thermometer with easy to read LCD display. International Celsius and Fahrenheit settings for chef's discretion. Auto shut-off and hold functions for battery conservation.
  • SLEEK ERGONOMIC DESIGN for ease of use and handling. Latest model in precise culinary temperature management. Thermometer utilizes a high resolution instant read function for quick and specific temperature capture.
  • STURDY PLASTIC ENGINEERING with attractive white and green display functioning. Metal probe retains consistency of temperature readings and extends the thermometer's long life. Comes carefully packaged in a safe box pack.
  • CORDLESS OPERATION runs on long lasting battery. Commercial grade resistance to soluble solutions thanks to waterproofing. Simple insertion for accurate food temperature readings every time.
  • PERFECT for every culinary project, including baking, confections, meats, sauces, vegetables, casseroles, and soups. Can be used indoor or outdoor, depending on your cooking requirements.
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